The oven construction would comprise of double skin and insulated galvanised steel panels in filled with heavy density slab mineral rock wool. Each body panel would incorporate a thermal break between the inner and outer skins to reduce heat loss and to help provide low external skin temperatures. The resultant structure would be free standing and self-supporting. The oven would be complete with roof mounted explosion relief panels, gas element heater module, main recirculation fan, internal distribution ductwork, ventilation flu to atmosphere and a single electrical control panel. This unit is ideal for various drying and heat-treating process in a variety of applications. The internal walls have high temperature insulation to allow efficient operation of the unit. The air recirculation system helps achieve temperature uniformly and quickly


Heavy-duty insulated full width doors are furnished with cam lock door hardware top and bottom. The cam lock arrangement is essential for sealing the doors airtight during the heating cycle. Doors include high temperature gaskets around door perimeter and at closures


Control panel, complete with door hardware. Mounted inside the cabinet on a removable panel insert will be a circuit breaker, control relays, interlocks, timer and terminal strips. Mounted on the control panel door will be pushbuttons, indicating lights, programmable controller/timer, and afterburner temperature read-out. The control panel is factory pre-wired.


A modulating fire gas heating element will provide a reliable and controllable heat source. The unit can be specified with either Natural Gas or LPG


A series of elements are placed throughout the oven, these are then connected to a source of electricty that then heat the oven.


Allow excess pressure on inside of oven to equalize with outside pressures without danger to equipment, operators, or facilities. Explosion relief panels are designed into the roof of the oven that allows adequate pressure relief


Gas & Electric Curing Oven
Gas & Electric Curing Oven
Gas & Electric Curing Oven
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