My First Job

When I first started working at ISS Engineering Group, I thought it was going to be quite intimidating and difficult to get the hang of. However, everyone has been so welcoming and lovely to work with. I expected to know much less than I do and have learned much less than I have, in the short amount of time I have been with the company, but I am learning new things every day.

Since I have never worked in a business administrative setting before, I felt quite nervous to have as many responsibilities as I do, although I was very eager to learn and become a part of the ISS family. My day to day duties fall under the HR and business administration categories, and therefore I have varied tasks to do every day, which sounded quite intimidating and very full on. This was not the case when I started working here, and all of my co-workers are so supportive and helpful to ensure I never feel overwhelmed with my workload. All the staff here have helped ease me into my job and have made my journey with them so much easier than I thought it would be.

During my time with the company, I have learned an incredible amount, from not knowing anything about Spraybooths and the engineering industry, to now, being able to write comparative essays on different spraybooth companies, and their importance within the constant cycle of B2B sales, I have had to learn this as part of my apprenticeship but it has also help me develop key knowledge for my role. As well as this, I have learned so much about the business industry, and how to compose myself. I have grown so much within my job role, in a sense that, for my first few weeks, my manager had to constantly check for any mistakes, and explain different processes multiple times to me, whereas now, I can complete my day to day tasks independently to a good standard.

I am hoping that my progression within the company will allow me to learn more and expand my knowledge about the manufacturing industry and our products etc. As well as this, I hope to learn more about the business world and how to make a business run smoothly, as we all play a big part in this.
In 5 years ‘time, I see myself working with ISS Engineering, running the HR and Business Admin departments independently, and maybe, employing and managing my own apprentice as my manager has done. I believe I work much better in a practical environment and will excel at an apprenticeship. I love to learn, and ISS is such an outgoing and ever-growing company. No day is the same and I never run out of things to do, which is why I thoroughly enjoy my job.

It can be quite scary to be thrown in at the deep end with a job you know very little about, but my mistakes were welcomed, I learnt to correct myself and adjust, and it was all part of the learning curve. My manager (Robyn) and managing director (Lee) both reassured me that its ok and perfectly normal to make mistakes, which made it all the less frightening for me. Overall, my experience has been so incredibly welcoming and lovely, and I can’t wait to progress and learn more with the company.

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