The PWW range of pumped water wash spray booths are ideally suited to higher volume spraying applications. Fully compliant to all British and European safety standards, they can be used in a wide variety of applications and are ideally for all types of wet spraying and powder coating.  


ISS Pumped Water Wash booths are constructed from a 3mm mild steel water tank, which is fully welded, and dye penetrant tested to ensure there are no water leaks. The tank assembly includes a smaller section which houses a perforated steel filter. The surrounding panels are produced from 1.2mm gauge prime galvanised steel sheet. The panels are manufactured using the latest automated CNC punching and folding machinery. They have a 40mm x 15mm return fold to enhance rigidity of the construction and are bolted together using bright zinc plated M 8.8 x 16mm set screws at pitches of 250mm. The construction would give the booth a smooth internal surface to assist with cleaning and maintenance.


Extraction is via a belt driven axial flow fan mounted on top of the extraction chamber. The axial fan is specially selected to suit the volumetric airflow as well as the back pressure of the duct run and filtration. All axial fans are constructed from fully welded mild steel and are supplied with a square to round adaptor and are fully powder coated (RAL 7024 as standard).


Our Pumped type Water Wash Booths have modular designed water curtains manufactured from prime galvanized steel in 1m sections. Each section has a galvanized trough with adjustment for maximum filtration. These water curtains are easily removable and easy to clean. 


Heavy duty self-priming water pump is used to continuously circulate water and to provide the water scrubbing system. The water scrub system consists of a manifold pipe across the full length of the water wash, this manifold then has 2 brass nozzles per 1m length. The nozzles spray down into the water tank through “bins”, this prevents any particulate being extracted through the booth and into the environment.

In order to minimise any airborne water particle carryover the booth also includes a water eliminator system. The eliminators cause the air to sharply change direction, reducing the number of water particles within the air steam.


Ductwork is available as either individual items or as pre-selected duct kits. These kits have been developed by ISS to cover the most common ducting runs and are supplied with everything needed to install and secure a duct run. Ductwork is industry standard galvanised spiral wound and is supplied/installed in accordance with DW144

Water Wash Spray Booth
Water Wash Spray Booth
Water Wash Spray Booth
Water Wash Spray Booth
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